Learn how to be, or find bird dogs!!

learn how to do bird dogsJoin us LIVE on our next Mogul Mastermind call and learn how to be or how to find bird dogs!

We’ll cover this live on Tuesday July 17th at 5:00pm Pac, 7:00pm Ctr, and 8:00pm Est times… we’ll talk about becoming a bird dog/house scout and cover finding investors to work for, what to say and do, what to ask about and how to make money the fastest! We’ll also cover how to find bird dogs to bring YOU deals as well!

We’ll cover “all things bird dog” and more!

If you’re a Mogul Mastermind Member you already have the email with the login information, as well as the phone number if you prefer to join us by phone instead of online. If you’re not yet a Mogul Mastermind member, why not???

Members also get access to a private “24/7” email to ask me and other members questions, find partners and get whatever help you need, and more!  Join NOW and attend Tuesday’s call by clicking here!

I hope to “see you” Tuesday!

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- The dues to become a Mogul Mastermind member are going up soon! Join NOW and you’ll forever be in at the lower dues. (of course the dues will always stay the same for current members and never be raised!)


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