Learn how to do note deals from a seasoned pro!

taking notes dealsNote deals can make a TON of cash… and they’re not hard to setup once you know how! It’s time for our next Mogul Mastermind call, and we have a special guest who’s not only an author, but has done over 1000 Note Deals… Mitch Stephen!

I’ll host this special MMM guest call on Tuesday, May 15th, at 5:00pm Pac, 7:00pm Ctr, and 8:00pm Est times!

Mitch has a unique strategy where he buys houses low using seller financing or private money, DOUBLES the price, and resells with  a new mortgage that he creates… he gets paid when he BUYS, gets paid again (the down payment) when he SELLS, then gets monthly cash-flow from owning the note!

This is a “no money or credit needed” strategy, and the beauty is, once the deal’s done he is out of it! He doesn’t deal with tenants, toilets or termites, nor does he handle repairs or maintenance, because he doesn’t own the house, he owns the note!

It’s a super hands-off technique where he plays “the bank”… and YOU can learn to do it by joining us on this special call! I’ll be asking the important questions (and so can YOU!) and you’ll walk away knowing  the what, how and whys, so you can do this yourself!

You can join us either online or by phone, and ask either of us any questions you have about all things investing…

…but unfortunately, there’s a catch… you have to be registered as a Mogul Mastermind member, so to join us on THIS call as well as others, be added to a special mastermind members only email group, and get much much more,go NOW and register here;

Of course, if you’re already a member, you know where to go.  😉

I hope to “see you” Tuesday!

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- Try to make this call LIVE, we’ll answer any of your questions as we go, and you’ll want to add this technique to your toolbox!!

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