Learn how to find private lenders!

Private Money Lenders


How to find private lenders for real estate deals seems to be the ONE question many real estate investors seem to be asking lately. Let’s face it, being able to make a phone call and have the CASH to buy whatever house you’re looking at can change your business… and your LIFE!

Imagine how many more deals you could close, and how much more money you’d make if the cash was at your fingertips!

You now have an opportunity to learn EXACTLY what you need to do to come up with all the private dough you can use…

Next Tuesday the 3rd of April I’m holding a special call where I’m interviewing Drew Downs.  Drew has done hundreds of deals, and not only does he have a long list of private lenders chomping at the bit to give him money, he’s one of the nation’s foremost teachers of how to find and recruit them!  He’s going to cover what to say to them, how to find them, and more of the real private lending “nitty gritty”!

This is not a “selling” call… it’s pure information from start to finish.

This is one of our two monthly “Mogul Mastermind” calls… so if you’re not a member, you are MISSING OUT!  After the edumacational part of the call, we’ll stick around to answer as many questions as you can toss at us, about private lending OR anything investing!

If you’re a member, you already know the details. (so check your email!) If you’re not a Mogul Mastermind member, not only will you miss this call, but are missing out on the connections, materials, and resources joining this interactive mastermind has to offer. (some of the “gurus” have scolded me for providing twice monthly coaching for such a low price, but I do it because I LOVE it, not for the money!)  FYI, ALL of the call’s are recorded, and members can save and listen to them all at any time into the future as well.

And, even if they can’t attend, our members can ask questions prior to the call, and listen to the replay to get the help they need at their convenience… and, they’re part of an email group where they can access me at ANY time as well. Become a Mogul now!

So you’ve got time to join our exclusive program before the call… click here and get YOUR invitation!

I hope to “see you” Tuesday!

Your friend and fellow investor,



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