Learn how to use the phone to close more real estate deals!

Learn how to use the telephone to close more real estate deals tomorrow night on our Mogul Mastermind call!

Tuesday the 17th, 7:00 pm central, 8:00 pm eastern, and at 5:00 pm pacific times… members can listen and interact either online or by phone, it’s their choice… so if you’re “out and about”, you can still dial in and participate.

This session will be about what I call “Telephone Magic”… ways to use the telephone to get deals, setup appointments, and have the upper hand in the conversation! Sellers, buyers, your kids, spouse… have them begging to do what YOU want because of the techniques you use by phone.  In my “other life” I ran a telemarketing company and spent many years developing effective phone techniques, as well as training people to sell by phone.  I’ve combined my expertise in consultative telephone selling and my years in real estate to come up with a presentation that will help you be more effective by phone, and help you close more deals!

Don’t LOSE deals just because you’re not well versed in telephone strategies and techniques! Maximize every lead by giving yourself the proper training to put your percentages through the roof!

We’ll talk about pregnant pauses, the hold button, taking control, more on hot buttons, mirroring and other phone techniques YOU can use today to get and close more deals.  This is a perfect complement to go with the techniques we covered LAST call about certain words and phrases that consistently help you get what you want… combine both to dominate the conversation!

Members who cannot attend, but still have questions about anything real estate can post them NOW on our private link and listen to the replay after the call! If you’re a Mogul Mastermind member you’ve already been sent the special links and phone numbers to attend… if you’re NOT a Mogul Member, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (it’s the “best deal in real estate!)

Go here NOW to join, and see everything else that comes with membership, and join us TOMORROW NIGHT, LIVE!

Members get two calls a month, access to a private email to the entire group, live chat access and more… I hope to “see you” tomorrow! In fact, if you’re not a member and you join this special group BEFORE tomorrow night’s call (Tuesday the 17th) I’ll send you a link to the recording of our LAST call that goes with this call perfectly… you’ll become a lean, mean, deal doing machine!
Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- Members can listen and talk on these twice monthly calls either online or by phone, and get a link to a permanent recording of ALL calls!

If you’re not yet a member,  join us NOW!!!



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