Learn to make $20,000+ on WHOLESALE deals!

WHOLESALE deals!Can You Make $20,000 on a Wholesale Deal?! You SURE can! Our special guest Will Denker does it a couple of times a month! Join us on Tuesday June 19th at 5:00pm Pac, 7:00pm Ctr, and 8:00pm Est times and learn how!

On this “Mogul Mastermind” call we have a special guest lined up… Will Denker! Will has been investing for close to a decade and pulls $20k PLUS from typical wholesale deals that most people would only make $3k-$5k on! How would you like to make as much on a simple wholesale deal as most rehabbers make after renovations! Will will show us how… without tenants, doing repairs, or taking any of the risk…

Of course like all of our calls, it’ll be recorded in case you can’t attend live, and we’ll have an open “Q&A” session after the main topic is covered. Feel free to ask any of your questions NOW, so you can get the answers either live or by listening to the recording!

If you’re a VIP/Mogul Mastermind member you’ve already got your invitation! If you’re not, come register NOW by clicking here! (and we’ll give you some other goodies too!)

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