Lease Option Without the “Option”?

Lease-OptionWow… Lease Option deals without an Option!  Now you can make money flipping JUST leases!

I JUST got off the phone with an old friend, John Alexander. He’s not “old”, just been a friend for a long time, lol. (and a mentor, no doubt!) John has been investing and teaching investing since around 1983. (yeah… 27 YEARS!)

John just came up with a system and program that not only teaches you to “flip” lease options, but he ALSO teaches something I have NEVER seen anyone teach… how to “flip” a straight lease or a rental, even if there’s NOT an option to buy.

What does this mean?  It means when you talk  to an investor or seller that does NOT want to sell, you can STILL profit by finding a renter legally! So when you talk to an investor who doesn’t want to “sell”, you can still walk away with a deal.

It’s brilliant, actually!

Click here to checkout his video, you’ll see what I mean…

PS- Right now, the “lease option” and “rent to own” niches are the HOTTEST thing in real estate! If you don’t learn from John, learn from someone!


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