What’s In a GOOD Lease Option Contract!??

Lease Options & Using the RIGHT Paperwork!

My guest Dean Edelson and I had a great call and taught how to properly “paper up” your lease option deals! Click on the replay link below, learn and enjoy!

There’s contracts… and then there’s CONTRACTS! On this “Mogul Mastermind” members ONLY call we talked about how important it is to have the right contracts in your tool box! We talked specifically about lease option contracts! We covered the difference between contracts when buying vs selling, tricks to get tenants to pay on time, how to protect yourself legally, how to get them done “on the cheap” and much much more!

Having the right clauses in your contracts can literally make or break a deal…

Here’s the replay…



And here’s a BONUS recording of another call where Mitch Stephen shares how he uses notes to create a huge stream of cash-flow! It’s a great technique… all the money, and no tenants!



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