Live from New York… (not really)

It’s Saturday Morning LIVE!

Lives in New YorkThis Saturday morning, at 10:00 central time (check your local listings) we’ll be hosting “Saturday Morning LIVE”! This is one of my favorite sessions, where we can relax, fire up the coffee pot, and get to know each other!

SML is an informal session where we “talk real estate“.  I answer questions, we talk about deals, business, have a few laughs… and although I admit sometimes Curly (my 28 year old parrot) squawks in the background, and I get occasional questions that are “toughies”, it’s always a good time.

Bring your real estate questions, invite your friends, and don’t be afraid to jump in and share any ideas or thoughts you have to help others as well.  To access, at the right time, go to , or click below:

Live Real Estate Talk

Our “VIP” members can submit questions prior to the call, by going to the private VIP forum…  click on “Forum” above and post your questions… they’ll get TOP priority on the segment! (but I love y’all)


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