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Real Estate Investing Mastermind Group

"Do You Feel Alone & Wish You

Were Part of a REAL Support Group

That Truly Cared About Each Others

Real Estate Investing Success?"

Or Would You Just Do More Deals, Make More Money, and Feel More Confident if You Had a Group of Like Minded Investors Supporting You?


In 1727, Ben Franklin founded a group called the Junta; it was a mastermind group. Andrew Carnegie, who became the richest man in the world, believed participating in a mastermind group to be

an essential ingredient for success.

This may be the worlds worst sales letter!
Because no "selling" is required for something SO NEEDED!"

Dear Friend and fellow investor,

I will not try to "sell" you on applying for this group. In fact, the less people join, the more effective the group will be for me, you, and the other members...

Instead, I will simply tell you who it is for ...and who it's NOT for.

This group IS for:

  • New or experienced real estate investors who are currently or soon to be DOING BUSINESS.

  • Investors who rehab, flip, wholesale, or do other creative or long term investing.

  • People who value helping others and contributing to the industry just as much (or more) as they value making money.

  • People who know their business can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen. (either part-time or full-time investors are welcome!)

This group is NOT for:

  • People who value income over integrity.

  • People who won't invest in themselves and give time to helping others.

  • People who are "wannabees" and aren't actually doing anything.

And now for more brutal honesty: Like any other real estate association, there's a monthly fee.

But if you can't afford THIS, you can't afford to be in the business anyway! (so JOIN us, silly!)


Read below to see exactly what's included... before you leave this page without taking action, I'd suggest you consider what it's like to "go it alone".  We'd love to have you join us!


I WILL be raising the price VERY soon... don't say I didn't warn you!


Your friend and fellow investor,


Nick Cifonie


Host: Real Estate Investor Online


 What exactly is included?

  • TWO LIVE "MASTERMIND" CALLS PER MONTH, (on the first and third Tuesdays) two where after we teach a special topic we share ides and suggestions and talk shop. Nick will answer all of your questions, help evaluate your deals, and give whatever help you need. (and you'll be asked to help others if you can as well)
  • SPECIAL GUEST TRAINERS, a special guest educator who's KILLING IT in the RE industry will be invited to come talk to the group on a regular basis! These are hour+ long seminar-type calls with pure real estate investing content. You'll hear from the unknown "investor next door" who's quietly making big bucks, as well as from some of the biggest and most well-known names in the business. (these are all-content, NO selling call!)
  • ACCESS TO A PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY EMAIL GROUP, so members can get to know each other, ask questions, get help and support and communicate between calls. This is a true mastermind where you can give, get, and prosper anytime you need it, "24/7". This is the fastest direct line to getting Nick's help and advice as well!  Don't lose a deal because you had nobody to go to for help!!
  • RECORDINGS OF ALL OF THE CALLS, so you can go back any time you like and re-listen and re-learn. If you're not able to attend a meeting for any reason, simply ask your questions in advance, and listen to the recording afterwards.
  • ACCESS TO A 24/7 LIVE CHAT where you can talk to other members and Nick LIVE, setup partnerships, cut deals, get help, or just sit back and get to know other real estate investors.

You'll benefit greatly from these LIVE monthly get-togethers...
you'll make more offers, feel better about yourself, be more confident,
make more money, be happier, better looking, travel more...



We ALL need help from time to time... more importantly, we need help from people with the same mindset and goals as our own. You NEED to be in a group of like-minder people to succeed in this business, more importantly, in a group of like-minded people who have DONE some deals...don't waste any time, join today, and you'll be welcomed as "the new guy/girl" at our next meeting!

To get started, complete the form below NOW!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If before 30 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason at all, simply say so for a full, courteous, no questions asked refund. For the record, we have NEVER had anyone ask for a refund!

Our Regular Dues $69.00 -  For a Limited Time

Only $24.50/Month

(investment will never increase as long as you remain a member,

no matter how high we raise the dues to!)

This Offer is No Longer Available...


For a profit of $19,500!

"Thanks to Nick, I finally took action and they helped me close my
first deal for a profit of $19,500!  I have bought every kind of program and
have attended all kinds seminars, boot camps, and have over analyzed deals to death, but until I was able to have someone hold my hand, nothing was going to happen. 

They helped me with pricing on a property that was a cross between retail & wholesale and they kept me on track with where, how, and when to market.  Seller tried to sell for six months, my business partner and me sold it in ten days! 

When the closing almost didn't happen because seller objected to our profit, Nick was there to help us to communicate with the title company and attorneys.  Each deal is different, and my deal was the side the other gurus don't tell you about. 

Without Nick, it probably wouldn't have closed. I highly encourage you to take action now!"

Austin, Texas


"I think I owe you more..."

You and did an excellent job. You did not give us theory. However,  we were given  strategies that work in the real world. You also advised us to focus on one type of investment instead trying to be a jack of all trades. That one point allowed me to focus on short sales.
Your humor made learing a very exciting thing. Your timely response to questions was invaluable. To be honest I think I owe you more.
I live in a non judicial state (Georgia) and when I posted questions about short sales your answers verified that you are in the game and not just selling theory.
As far as I know you are the only one who will stay on the phone until every question is answered.

William M.,
Atlanta, GA