Mobile Real Estate Marketing

Some things just work… like mobile real estate marketing! My friends Cody Sperber and Dana Van Hoose are killing it right now in Phoenix. Killin’ it as in “$1.3 million in profit last year.”  (could you just imagine!?) They did that on about $10 million in property.

Not too shabby, huh? They just put together a video revealing one of their key strategies–you need to take a look:

After the 1st minute or two they’re going to give you some gifts as well… GOOD stuff too! It will surprise you, but you will also say “hey, that would work for me.”  You’ll learn simple ways to pull BIG profits from your deals, simply, easily, and using the most up to date technology… mobile real estate marketing.

Let me know what you think,


PS:  Make sure to watch the vid and grab some swag!


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  1. realestate says:

    Great vid! Very professional.

    I use DS Solutions for my IDX solution and am looking for a good mobile app for WordPress

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