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flipping landsAs you can see in our last post, this past Tuesday we had a guest interview for our Mogul Mastermind members… I interviewed Jack Bosch, and he taught us how he flips land. Jack is a German immigrant who went from broke to a literal real estate millionaire.  (he currently has $56,000 a month coming in passively from land deals!)

“I don’t deal with termites, tenants, or toilets” is how he put it, lol.

As we talked, I realized this is likely one of THE simplest types of ways to “make it” in this business. No complicated insurance, no “ARV”, no repair estimates… none of some of the things that can REALLY bog down a new investor!

Our Mogul Mastermind members were able to listen “live” and ask questions. (like all of our calls) At the end of the call Jack gave us a special link where we can get a “Land Manifesto” that covers it a bit more, as well as a video showing him working on a deal.

He taught a LOT on the call, but wanted me to pass this along to you as well… it’s “free”;


Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie



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