Mortgage Assignments Explained This TGIF!

Mortgage AssignmentYeah, it was a few days late (I was away) but I grabbed an interview with Phill Groves for this week’s TGIF… he explains how mortgage assignments work, why they’re such a perfect niche right now and more. (you likely know we’re focusing on mortgage assignments more than any other type of deal right now)

In addition to doing the video interview with me (watch it here or click on “RE Investor TV” above) Phill offered a series of free training videos that I could share with YOU!

Here’s what the video training series covers:

  • The Best neighborhoods to target for motivated sellers.
  • The Nationwide Legal Network of over 200 attorneys (in all 50 states plus Canada) that will close your Assignment of Mortgage Payments deals for you!
  • Meet Investors who are easily doing 6 Deals a Month!
  • The tool I use when I meet Motivated sellers that closes the deal for you AND get to download it for Free!
  • What mail out I use that produces 3X the results of normal “We Buy Houses” mail outs AND you get to download it to use as your own.
  • What a couple of real life “Motivated Sellers” with an Un-Sellable House had to say about their experience selling their house on a Mortgage Assignment.
  • Learn and download two cheap and easy marketing tools to find more buyers than you can handle.
  • What a real life, Un-Loanable buyer who buys a house through a mortgage assignment had to say
  • How to Answer any questions motivated sellers would have about mortgage assignments.

To watch the interview about mortgage assignments with Phill click here…

Or to skip the interview and grab the free training videos, click here…

I suggest both, lol!

Your friend and fellow investor,


PS- This entire event was FREE to anyone who has Phill’s “AMPS” program. He runs several of these a year. If you have his program, or are considering grabbing it, make SURE to attend one of these. It was full of special guests, (Stedman Graham, Oprah’s BFF and others popped in to teach/motivate) and a GREAT “pitch-free” event.

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