Nate Kennedy Money Matrix Bonus & Review

Real Estate Money MatrixNate Kennedy JUST released the “Real Estate Money Matrix”…  which is being billed as  “A complete wealth building platform”.  The claim is that “The Real Estate Money Matrix gives you power, strength, confidence, and the resources you need to succeed”. (that’s from the registration page)

More importantly, the fact that they either FUND or BUY your deals is what turned my head, lol. Let’s face it, newer investors who don’t have a large (or high quality) buyer’s list are challenged when they need funding or a buyer for their wholesale deals…

Click here to see what all the BUZZ is about!

But is it everything it says it is?

I first sent an email to the Real Estate Investor Online family about this last week.  There was a lot of “buzz” in the industry (blogs, forums, etc.) about it, and I initially felt it would be something you should seriously take a look at. But then I watched the newest video in the series (you should go watch them btw) and had some questions/doubts.  SO, I decide to track down Nate Kennedy and give him a call.  🙂

I’ve not met Nate prior, so it wasn’t like calling someone I knew… I can’t say I “drilled him” about the Real Estate Money Matrix,but I certainly asked questions, lol.  A LOT of questions.  I found out that behind the scenes Nate has partnered with some type of investment company that “places” money for people. (or something like that)  They have a growing list of people who are LOOKING for real estate deals to invest in… some want to make fast money on flips, others want to get into long-term deals…

In either case, Nate assures me that they have a lot MORE funders and buyers than real estate and houses to sell them! (this works for commercial deals too)

I also made some calls to some of the bigger “gurus” in the real estate education circles and the people that know Nate all gave him a big “thumbs up”. (I also spoke to a beta tester of Nate Kennedys’s Real Estate Money Matrix and he said it “does what it says it does”.

So in closing, after watching all of the videos, spending quite a bit of time talking to Nate, and finally checking him out through third parties, I can confidently say that unless you already have plenty of buyers and funding, I HIGHLY suggesting that you seriously consider grabbing the program and using it.

You can checkout the last video and see a LONG list of what it does by clicking here.

In addition, I feel so strongly about this program, if you grab the Real Estate Money Matrix through the links on this page, I’ll GIVE YOU 30 days of my “Mogul + Mastermind” as a FREE bonus.  (the “regular” cost is $267.00 a month!)  So you’ll be getting close to $300.00 as a bonus for getting the Money Matrix through this page.  You’ll get several live calls a month, a 30-60 minute “1 on 1”  consultation with me personally to get you started, and will also get private access to a live chat so you can ask me whatever questions you have, when you have them.  (go HERE to see everything that’s included in your bonus package) (if you’re already a member I’ll credit you for a month of course)

With or without my bonuses though, you’ll have the opportunity to solve one of the toughest challenges to some investors… funding and buyers. What I suggest, is after watching the video on Nate’s page, click on “Register” (the red button) and read the list of details about everything that it does. (you’re not committed or anything) See what he has to offer, then decide for yourself.  🙂

Here’s a short list of the main things that caught my eye:

Property Genius:

*It all starts here. The Property Genius analyses the property. This can be a single family house, apartment building, commercial deal… the Money Matrix can handle it.

*The Property Genius tells you if you have a winner or not with just a few clicks of the mouse. You follow along, step-by-step. It tells you exactly what information you need for accurate results and where to get it. It can’t get any easier.

*If you have a dud deal, it tells you to move on, If you have a winner it builds for you a professional lending package to send to our Money Matrix lending partners.

Push Button Funding:

*You never have to search for funding again. The money matrix sends our lending partners your professional property package and we take it from there. Our team shops your deal through our Push Button Funding system and you get the money you need to control and close the deal. You don’t need to do anything here, just let us handle the tough stuff.

*Our Money Matrix lenders know the value is in the property and when you’re backed by our team, it’s almost like making a sure bet.

Profit Partnership:

*If you want quick profits you can wholesale your deal to us as a Money Matrix Profit Partner. And when I say quick, I mean REALLY quick. After you complete the information on your deal and the analysis system says it’s a go, you have the option to sell your deal for a super fast profit.

*We’ll take a look at your deal, and if we buy it you get paid without doing any other work! You didn’t need any money, you didn’t need any credit, you didn’t need any experience to bring us the deal and wholesale it through the system as our Profit Partner! Real estate investing doesn’t get any easier than that.

Certified Cash Coordinator:

*With the Money matrix you have yet ANOTHER way to fast, safe, easy profits that require no money, no credit, and no experience on your part. Listen up, because this is really slick! You can get paid without ever doing a deal… without every buying or selling a house.

*All you do is find people in your area who invest in real estate or work with business owners that need funding. You then send them to the system using your unique Cash Coordinator website. If they use the Money Matrix system for their funding, you earn a large referral fee!

There’s a lot more, I just really liked those 4 “parts” of the program… so go to the site and check it all out.  You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll get for such a low investment. (it’s NOT the $1997, $995, or $649 I bet you’re thinking, either!)

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- If you enroll, send me an email at reinvestoronline @ gmail dot com with a copy of your email receipt and I’ll get you started on our Mogul+ mastermind group as well. It’s the highest level of mastermind we provide.  Also, even if you have plenty of buyers and funding, check out the video, it’s humorous and really well done too.  🙂


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