Welcome to our NEW site!

Welcome to the NEW home of “Real Estate Investor Online”!

We realize some links don’t work… but we’re working hard behind the scenes, and I’ll send updates as parts of the site are completed!

You can now click on “Articles” and find many new and old articles on how to make money in this great business, as well as “REI-TV” (or the banner above) and watch dozens of episodes of the “Flippin Right Show”!

By the end of the week we should have the list of nationwide real estate clubs completed, so that link on the menu bar will be live soon as well!  We’ve still got a lot to go, and a LOT in store for YOU, my friend and fellow investor!

Thanks for your patience… and while we work, pardon our “digital dust”!



Build Your Blog… Today!

Join me on a replay of a call that me and my guest Julia Kline recorded this past Saturday!  It was a webinar teaching you how to build a WordPress Blog for your business!  (THIS site is a WP Blog!)

Julia taught us how to get our blog up and running in 30 minutes or less, and gives some freebies away at the end… go watch now:

Click NOW to Watch!


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  1. Emily Correa says:

    Nice amount of feedback in so little time, I have to join and agree, its a great post. the site is outstanding

  2. John Mikesel says:

    Concise and well written, thanks for the post

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