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Sub- To InsuranceSubject-to insurance is the topic of a past edition of “The Flippin Right Show”… I was “birdsitting” and want to introduce you to Zazoo! (he steals the show, no doubt)

In this  video segment, I talk about the right way to insure a property that you’ve either taken subject-to, or are flipping. (as a mortgage assignment) There’s a handful of different “ways” to insure a property you are buying subject-to the mortgage, and strangely enough, more than one way can “work”, but here’s the way I like to do it and feel the safest.

I’ve also made claims after having done it this way and got paid… which is the bottom line, no?  🙂

You can watch the new video by clicking here!

Click above, then bookmark the page in your “subject-to education” folder, so you can come back to it when needed. There’s nothing more important than knowing you’re covered… it’s an older video but worth watching. 🙂

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

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