Our “Partnership Info” Call Went Great! (here’s the replay)

We JUST finished explaining to the 1EZDeal members how they can help find buyers for our deals and grab a big split for doing so… in some cases they could spend 15 minutes on the phone and literally snag thousands of dollars, lol! (how hard is it to find a buyer for a beautiful home that already has the mortgage in place and their credit doesn’t matter?)

(you make even more if you find the buyers too!)

Anyhow, we talked about how to find buyers, what to tell them, how to make sure it’s all legal, where to get the paperwork, etc, etc.. We even covered where to learn how to find motivated sellers as well.  We’re always looking for motivated people who want to earn as they learn the creative real estate business. (and there’s no charge to join… yet!)

Listen in here;

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS – If you’re not familiar with the program at all you can get a lot  more info here-


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