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This has nothing to do with Real Estate, but I felt you’d want to see it…


If you HATE using bandit signs to generate motivated sellers…

…then you really need to check this out!

If you’d rather spend 15 minutes a day putting a few ads on Craig’s List instead of trying to get bandit signs all over town, then watching the video above will be a breakthrough in your business. I LITERALLY used this program myself to find hundreds of bird dogs in the past.

Watch the video then go here for even more info:



How to find ALL the real estate investor bird dogs you need

This is THE most hands-off lead generation program I have EVER seen for real estate investors… it can LITERALLY be done by spending 10 minutes a day posting an ad a day on Craig’s List. How do I know? I USED the identical program and had over 100 bird dogs bringing me deals within a 2 week period of time!

There’s NO WAY to find bird dogs faster… realestatebirddog

Several years ago a friend had this made and gave me access… and within a couple of weeks we had bird dogs signing up and sending us lead after lead after lead.  Recently, he sold the software (for a HUGE amount) and the new owner has just made it public…

But before he released it, the new owner added a load of content to the program… so when we use it, we have to train all of the bird dogs, now after the bird dog registers, he is given all of the training he needs right inside of the program, lol.

If you are in the business and don’t have enough sellers, you’re just plain silly if you don’t find a way to get this… yes, I’m serious.

It’s that good.

Watch the video with details here:

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- Seriously, you’d be crazy not to at least take a look at this. I was REALLY shocked when I saw that the software had been sold….

Re-Opened for a few days… how to find motivated sellers…

Last week my friend and investing coach David Corbaley released a new program that teaches people how to pretty much come up with leads at the push of a button. He uses the little ads that show up on top and on the right side of Google when you search for something to get him all the seller leads he can use… so he can literally turn the ads on and get leads on demand.

Find Motivated Sellers!

Find Motivated Sellers

His program hadn’t been showed to the public yet but he let the Real Estate Investor Online family get a first look… and a LOT of you not only watched the free training video, but grabbed his extended program as well. After letting us have access for 5-6 days or so he pulled it down to get ready to release it but I started getting emails from people asking if David would open up access again, so I sent him an email and got him to put the video back up for me, so if you missed it, (or if you want to see it again) it’s available by clicking here…

…or by going here:

It’s really a special program. Any time I get emails from people asking me to contact the creator and re-release it, it’s something you shouldn’t miss, so make SURE to watch it NOW!

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- Tomorrow is our live “Mogul Mastermind” meeting… members, (you know where to go) we’ll be learning how to do a “Round Robin House Auction” and sell houses FAST!



REI Toolkit Android App!

As some of you know, I’m a part owner in a mobile app business… and they just created a REALLY cool Android app for real estate investors… the “REI Toolkit”! (you have GOT to know I had my hands in the mix, lol)

Know Your MAO!

Know Your MAO!

It has a lot of the tools in it that I bring on appointments to look at properties…  and it means we carry a lot less “stuff” because it’s all in the app,  AND it makes us look more professional. They want to sell it at $9.95 but I insisted that it was released (yesterday actually, lol) at $2.95 so I can at least get it to “my people” (YOU!) at a discount. Now I realize that there’s not a big difference between $3 and $9, but it’s the principle, y’know? (not sure how long it’lll stay $3)

It has a handful of useful tools built right in, several that are things I get asked OVER and OVER again about… like “Comps” for instance. It doesn’t contain comps “inside” of the app, but it takes you to a page where you can get free comps nationwide. They’re not as good as the paid services out there, (because it’s well, free!) but they’re a step above using Zillow or Trulia too! (they give you bedrooms and baths, square footage, distance from property, when built and sold, sales price, price per square foot and a few other things)

In addition, there’s a simple calculator where you add your ARV (after repair value) and repair costs, push a button, and “POOF”, it shows you how much to offer on a property! (BOOM BABY!) That’s my favorite feature.  🙂

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You want to get Rich? Listen up!

I found a YouTube video that I really think puts the whole “how do I become successful?” issue into perspective…

A lot of people don’t like this guy because he’s controversial, but he made his first MIL before he was 18 with a mail order biz that he started with $50.00. It’s a harsh message to some… but SO TRUE!

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- No matter what biz you’re in, this message is true!


A Secret Lead Generation Weapon?

After our Mogul Mastermind call with Eric on Tuesday, I got a handful of emails from people like you asking me for more help using the internet to find motivated seller leads, so I went on a “search mission” to find something.


I found a new weapon for getting real estate leads! Tons of leads! (actually I asked around in another high end mastermind group and found it, lol!) There’s an ex-Army Commando sharing his underground secret leads weapon in a short video…watch it below to see how my friend David beat the crash and is getting all the leads he can handle:

Back in 2008, the real estate market really started to tank. I don’t think anyone really knew how bad it was going to get. (including me) Ultimately, the crash happened, and most real estate businesses were simply crushed out of existence with a few exceptions. In the years leading up to the bust, there was a secret “weapon” being perfected and used by an elite few.  A weapon that enabled these secret few to get real
estate leads “On Demand” virtually any time they wanted. (called the internet, lol!)

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Our First Mogul Mastermind Meeting of February!

This coming Tuesday afternoon is our first Mogul Mastermind Meeting for February…

On this Mogul Mastermind call we’ll be interviewing a special guest “Eric Medemar”! Eric is a long time investor and marketer,  and we’ll be talking about lead generation!  I always say “marketing is the most important part of your  business”, so we’re going to talk marketing… and help you learn how to generate as many motivated seller leads as you can use!

Like all of our calls, it’ll be recorded in case you can’t attend live.  We’ll also have an open “Q&A” session after the main topic is  covered. Feel free to ask any of your questions NOW, so you can  get the answers either live or by listening to the recording at a later date!

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Get Into Commercial Investing With NO Credit or Cash!

I hope you’re having an amazing New Year so far  because today I have something very special for you.

Over the last few years a friend of mine,  Susan, has been using a really cool (NEW) strategy to build a huge portfolio of multi-family properties. (I’m jealous actually!)  .

First, this NEW strategy isn’t some flash in the  pan, quick-hit strategy that works today and is gone tomorrow, it’s the real deal!  In fact one of the clients she shared this with a year ago has used it to control and profit from over 28  properties so far.

>> Click here to see exactly how she did it!

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Video Teaches How to Flip Houses Without Seeing Them

I get asked “can you flip houses without seeing them?” all the time… and the answer is yes! In fact, if you want to know the ins and outs of
doing real estate virtually then you need to watch a very eye opening video. The SAME video I watched years ago when I was a noobie in real estate investing. This video reveals the tips and tricks to doing deals virtually. (aka never leaving your house

The only thing you really need is a laptop with an internet connection and a phone… nothing else.

Learn to flip houses with a laptop by clicking here!

Imagine having a real estate business where you:

* NEVER personally meet with a buyer or seller

*NEVER personally inspect a property

*NEVER have to know anything about estimating repairs

*NEVER have to attend a closing

All this with houses you never actually own AND it works even if you’re a complete rookie. You’re going to be amazed at how quickly you can be up and running with this system (and doing deals)

Watch the same video I did here.

Your friend and fellow investor,


P.S. The video reveals how you can do “virtual” deals without using any of your own assets. And you can do this with no experience in real estate,
sales, or business (so it’s great for people just starting out brand new)


Passive Income with No Risk!

We have a GREAT call lined up for our first Mogul Mastermind call of 2013!  Start your year of the right way… by taking the steps YOU need to have the best year of your life.

Our first of over 100 live calls in 2013 is titled No Risk Passive Income with our special guest, Paul Yevzikov

Join us online or by phone on Tuesday the 8th at Noon  Pac, 2:00pm Ctrl and 3:00pm Est times… Our guest for this special call is Paul Yevzikov, and our topic is “No Risk  Passive lncome!”  We’ll talk about creating PASSIVE lncome without taking any risk whatsoever… I’m talking retirement type of numbers, without the risk that usually comes  with it. Paul will teach us how to get other people to find the property, take
all of the the risk, renovate the property, find tenants, and set you up to collect the checks!

Paul will also offer everyone a copy of his new soon to be published book, just for being a member!

Paul graduated Carnegie Mellon University and landed a 90k a year job out of school. He quit that job to pursue real estate full time in the worst
market, right when everyone else was running out. He’d managed to stay self employed and travel the world an average of 1-2 months per year. Paul is in his TWENTIES and living the RE life… and he’ll share exactly what he does with us on this special call!

You can attend the call either online or by phone… but only IF YOU ARE a Mogul Mastermind Member! Like all of our calls, it’ll be recorded in case you can’t attend live. We’ll also have an open “Q&A” session after the main topic is covered.

If you’re already a Mogul Mastermind member you’ve already got the info… if you’re not, WHY wait? Join NOW and set your 2013 off on the right foot. Become a Mogul Mastermind Member by clicking here NOW:

I hope to “see you” Tuesday… your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- If you expect to succeed in the coming year, you NEED a mentor. Let me be the leader of the team that helps guide you towards success!