Re-Opened for a few days… how to find motivated sellers…

Last week my friend and investing coach David Corbaley released a new program that teaches people how to pretty much come up with leads at the push of a button. He uses the little ads that show up on top and on the right side of Google when you search for something to get him all the seller leads he can use… so he can literally turn the ads on and get leads on demand.

Find Motivated Sellers!

Find Motivated Sellers

His program hadn’t been showed to the public yet but he let the Real Estate Investor Online family get a first look… and a LOT of you not only watched the free training video, but grabbed his extended program as well. After letting us have access for 5-6 days or so he pulled it down to get ready to release it but I started getting emails from people asking if David would open up access again, so I sent him an email and got him to put the video back up for me, so if you missed it, (or if you want to see it again) it’s available by clicking here…

…or by going here:

It’s really a special program. Any time I get emails from people asking me to contact the creator and re-release it, it’s something you shouldn’t miss, so make SURE to watch it NOW!

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- Tomorrow is our live “Mogul Mastermind” meeting… members, (you know where to go) we’ll be learning how to do a “Round Robin House Auction” and sell houses FAST!



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