Real Estate Funding – Take From the Feds (Funding)

The feds are at it again… they’re setting aside even MORE funding for real estate investors just like us.

What’s strange is the number one biggest obstacle I see with investors comes down to having enough money for their deals.

Recently, I spoke with with Sean Carpenter, a fellow investor just like you and me who’s been using government finance programs for his deals. Commercial AND residential!

He’s shared what programs are out there, how to use them, how investors like you and me can find the  right program and much more.
We recorded the webinar, and you can watch it at ANY time, and learn tricks and techniques Sean uses to pay for properties using all Government money!  One example he showed us was a property that the gov gave the buyer a loan with NO PAYMENTS, that was totally FORGIVEN after 2 years. In other words, there were no payments. Ever.

Watch the replay NOW by clicking below:

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