Real Estate Investing…. Defeat Inertia!

An object at rest tends to remain at rest…
Years ago I sat next to a woman at a local real estate “event”.  It was called the “Wild Wonderful Women of Real Estate”.

We talked, and I learned that she had been “in real estate” (two years or so longer than I had.  Sadly, (or happily?) I had done a dozen deals within the last year, and she had done none.  In fact, she had spent well over $40,000 on her education… and hadn’t done a single deal.  I felt it my duty (it’s the kind of guy I am!)  to give her a kick-start, so I talked about the deals I’d done, asked questions about her lack of progress, and found that she was (1) afraid to call sellers, because she was nervous that she would sound like a “newbie”, and (2) she felt she needed… get this… more training!

She had been through the highest level of training at the Russ Whitney Institute.  ($30,000+)  In addition she had many other CD’s, programs, manuals, etc., that was worth thousands more.

An object in motion… tends to stay in motion!
My advice to her… and to YOU as well… is get out there and break something! (not literally, it’s a figure of speech!)

Watch the video for the rest of the story

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