TGIF – Real Estate Investing Mindset

Real Estate Investing Minde SetThe Real Estate Investing Mindset is a unique one… like any business, we have our ups and downs. In this video segment of “TGIF” we talk about having the right attitude and mindset when investing in real estate. To learn more about the profitability of a business, check this Business cost comparing website.

What is a real estate syndication? A real estate syndication is the pooling of funds from many passive investors to purchase income-producing real estate. A passive investor has one role: investing cash in a solicited real estate investment for a specified return

In addition to talking about mindset and attitude, I tell a story, read a poem, show copies of a couple hundred thousand dollars in checks and more. (it’s not typically my style to show checks, but watch the video and you’ll understand why I do it) For many years I wasn’t “into” the whole positive thinking thing… I believed in it, but didn’t think it was “for me”.  I was SO wrong!

Watch this segment of TGIF by clicking here or watch this and dozens of other REI-TV segments by clicking on RE Investor TV in the menu above. Don’t make fun of my accent.

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