Real Estate Investing Phone Skills

You have to learn great phone skills in this business if you want to get anywhere. I’m going to give you some good information, and I’m going to talk about telephone magic. There are certain things you want to do, certain things you don’t want to do, when you are talking to Sellers on the phone.

Put Them On Hold: The first time you are talking to a Seller, and sometimes they are very aggressive, asking too many questions, not letting you get a word in edgewise, and he’s trying to take control of the call, that kind of thing, there’s a little hold button on your phone, and if you don’t have a phone with a hold button, maybe you can switch over to the other line or just pretend they are on hold. Go ahead and put them on hold. If you get somebody that is asking too many questions, or questions that you aren’t ready to answer, just put them on hold. Every time you put them on hold, they will lose their train of thought. So, if they start asking you questions that you aren’t ready to talk about yet, and if you are still getting your info about the property or details of the sale, just say “excuse me” and put them on hold.

Learn more about real estate investing phone skills by watching the video below.

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