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A true mastermind group can make or break a real estate investor… ask almost anyone who’s successful in this business, and you’ll find that they are a part of a mastermind group!


First a disclaimer. It just wasn’t my day technology-wise. First I tried to announce this last Saturday, but a lot of people had trouble getting to the recording… then I started to make this recording and am ambulance went by. Then my dogs starting to bark. Then a big old air conditioning unit went on… so the video above is my 4th attempt… and it STILL looks like I’m moving in slow motion… but you’ll hear it fine, lol.

I’m an investor dangit, not a computer geek.  😛

Anyhow… as you probably already know, we have a growing group, the “Mogul Mastermind“. We have meetings three times a month… on two of the calls I teach a specific topic and then we chat, I answer questions, we share resources and ideas and more.  We also have an email setup so anytime a member has a question or something to share between calls you can email everyone as well, just by shooting out one email. We then have a third monthly call where I bring in a special guest to teach… this past week Jamel Gibbs (who’s been doing 5-10 deals a month for around years) taught us how to find, secure, negotiate and close REO deals…

It’s a great group… but I feel people want more.

I know a lot of people get “close” to deals, but lose them because they don’t have someone that they can call at ANY time for help. Let’s face it, when you need help in this business, you need it “now”.  A lot of people feel they don’t have a support group… like-minded individuals to give them a push and help them overcome challenges. Others just need someone to confirm they’re doing the right things on a day to day basis, to give them the confidence to keep plugging along.

So we’ve added our Mogul+” level of mastermind!

In addition to everything else that’s included in our “Mogul” program above, Mogul+ members get a 60 minute one on one call with me personally when they register… and another “one on one” every three months. This is in addition to being invited to a LIVE chatroom that myself and other members will monitor “24/7”.  So when you have a questions, you can get an answer without having to wait until the next meeting.

It’s like having me literally IN your pocket, like a little real estate guru that’s there when you need him!  Have a question? Ask away! Need advice on a deal? I’m there! Want a suggestion on what to tell a seller? I got your back… NOW… not next week.

In addition, you’ll make friendships, potentially find partners and lenders… all from other members on your screen, when you need them. I’ll also throw in every recorded audio or video that’s still on my hard drive… we’re building a site right now to host them all… so you’ll have dozens of training sessions at your fingertips…

But for now, go grab this introductory offer NOW. RIGHT NOW… because the day after Labor Day it’s coming down, and will be $200-$300 more PER MONTH!  Not only will you save hundreds by joining TODAY, I’ll let you bring in a partner as well. For FREE…


Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie


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