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Real Estate Investor MindIn 1727, Ben Franklin founded a group called the Junta; it was a mastermind group. Andrew Carnegie, who became the richest man in the world, believed participating in a mastermind group to be an essential ingredient for success.

We’re putting together a NEW real estate investor mastermind group… who will be meeting LIVE by teleconference  twice a month as well as have a guest speaker come in and teach once a month.  (I’ll record this and mail it to you on a CD as well) So THREE times a month well hook up to share ideas and tips, help each other, learn from each other, and most importantly, make MORE MONEY!

Each call’s topic(s) will be announced in advance, based upon members current needs, and you’ll be expected to share your experiences and support.  We’ll discuss the topic(s) of each call, then go “around the room” and let each member ask a question or state a concern, allowing other members to chime in and share what’s worked for them in the same instance.

Calls will all be recorded so you can go back and re-listen, and you’ll also be put into a private email group so topics can be discussed and support can be given between calls. You can expect to support and get to know the people in the group, and can count on them to support you as well.

We’re only looking for around 12 or so more people… this will NOT be a huge group with hundreds of participants, so it’s truly a “snooze ya loose” thing if you don’t grab your spot.

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