REI Toolkit Android App!

As some of you know, I’m a part owner in a mobile app business… and they just created a REALLY cool Android app for real estate investors… the “REI Toolkit”! (you have GOT to know I had my hands in the mix, lol)

Know Your MAO!

Know Your MAO!

It has a lot of the tools in it that I bring on appointments to look at properties…  and it means we carry a lot less “stuff” because it’s all in the app,  AND it makes us look more professional. They want to sell it at $9.95 but I insisted that it was released (yesterday actually, lol) at $2.95 so I can at least get it to “my people” (YOU!) at a discount. Now I realize that there’s not a big difference between $3 and $9, but it’s the principle, y’know? (not sure how long it’lll stay $3)

It has a handful of useful tools built right in, several that are things I get asked OVER and OVER again about… like “Comps” for instance. It doesn’t contain comps “inside” of the app, but it takes you to a page where you can get free comps nationwide. They’re not as good as the paid services out there, (because it’s well, free!) but they’re a step above using Zillow or Trulia too! (they give you bedrooms and baths, square footage, distance from property, when built and sold, sales price, price per square foot and a few other things)

In addition, there’s a simple calculator where you add your ARV (after repair value) and repair costs, push a button, and “POOF”, it shows you how much to offer on a property! (BOOM BABY!) That’s my favorite feature.  🙂

It also has a digital map, a camera function you can use to take house pics and send them in a batch to your email, take notes and send them the same way, and they tossed in a Tetris game and calendar as well!  (it’ll be the best $3 you’ve spent all week long!)

In addition, we’re thinking about adding a “chat” function so you can go in and talk to other investors in real time too, and ask questions, share ideas, sell properties, and more!

Anyway, we’re trying to have a GREAT launch so we can get Google’s attention and push it up the app charts… so go grab it NOW and not only will you be helping me out a bit but you’ll have a super tool to use in your business… ALL for only $2.95!

Click here to check it out, or put THIS address into your Android phone and grab it NOW!

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- Feel free to comment, or if you have any ideas about what ELSE they should add to the app, PLEASE let me know!


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