Saturday Morning LIVE – Watch the Replay!

**** Some people are having trouble getting to the actual “Saturday Morning Live – Replay”…. if so, try typing the address into your browser directly. . Try it with an upper case/capital “S” in Saturday, and also try it with a forward slash / and without a forward slash after Saturday as well…  I apologize it’s not working for some people. ****

Another option is watching it directly on the Ustream page-


We just have a great “Saturday Morning Live” session… we chatted, I talked, people asked questions, I talked, it  rained, I talked… and it’s all FREE info.

I spent the 1st part of the call teaching “how to give great phone” and use the phone as a tool to turn a lead into a deal.  Learn how to “mirror” your sellers/buyers, learn to “use the ‘if’ word”, learn multiple choice closing, how to use a script, find your seller’s “hot button”, (and how to push it) learn what “petting the goldfish” means, and MUCH more. You’ll schedule more appointments, get more deals, sign more contracts, and make more money!

We then had Q&A, talked about selling and buying notes, how to do owner financing, paperwork, attorneys, buying houses with IRA’s, etc etc etc… it’s GOOD STUFF Maynard!   The replay is posted NOW, so go listen up! (it’ll be there for a limited time, it goes “poof” when I make a new recording so go now)

You can also learn how to have chat access to me “24/7″… click here to watch Saturday Morning Live!

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie


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