Setting Real Estate Investing Goals – How To

setting goals in real estate Happy New Year! To get your year off to a new start, I’ve filmed a short video teaching you how to set your goals for the year… as well as tips to make sure you stick to them, believe you can hit them, and have a deadline…

It’s critical as a real estate investor to have solid goals for the year! Whether you’re full time or part time,  flipping houses for income or renting properties for long term wealth, without clear-cut goals for your investing business you’re like a ship without a rudder…

Watch our latest segment of the “Flippin Right Show” by clicking here!

Goals need to be:

  • Written down
  • Specific
  • Measureable
  • Believable
  • Set With a Deadline

I hope you enjoy the video, I had a great time making it!

Set your goals, and have a wonderful New Year!


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