Shovels or Gold?

Who made the most money during the Gold Rush? If you said the guys panning for Gold you’re WRONG.

It was the businesses selling shovels, pans, and other prospecting supplies that made it BIG! In fact, I believe it’s how the “Levis” company got started… selling blue jeans to the miners!

Shovel or Gold in real estate investing

I don’t care what kind of real estate you do,


-reo’s (bank owned)

-real estate auctions





What is the #1 thing that is keeping most new investors from really making it today in real estate? If you said money or capital you’re right!

Now I want you to imagine instead of competing for all the smoking hot real estate deals, just sitting back and letting your competition bring the deals to you…. because YOU have the answer to what THEY need. And, you’ll provide it to them over and over again. Stop going after what YOU need and start providing  what every other investor needs… MONEY!  (it doesn’t have to be “your” money either. lol!)

Drew “The Rainmaker” Downs started providing his competition what they needed about 6 months ago and it has completely changed his business and his life.

Why are you still chasing the deals and fighting for those checks? Imagine sitting back and getting 3-5 deals a month without even lifting a finger.


Drew actually does more deals WITH  his competitors now than he actually does just by himself!  That’s because he implemented some strategies that have been used for decades but has been a very well kept secret until now… it’s kind of like what the guys selling the shovels did during the gold rush!

If you’re a Mogul Mastermind member, Drew did a special training for us live last week.  If you missed it, make SURE to hit up the replay, you know where it is!  In addition, click the link above for another recorded session that every investors needs to see.

Take Action Today!
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