Our Special Guest….

This past month our special guest was Justin & Dreama Lee!  Justin & Dreama has been investing for many years, and has perfected a system they use that gets interns to work for them in their business… for free!  They get quality work done at the right price (zero!) and the intern gets valuable experience for her resume, join us on this special members only call!

We talked about how to find them, how to screen and train them, why they “work” perfectly for small investing companies, talked about how much they should work, gave examples of what they could do… oh heck, just listen to the replay! (it will be up for around 30 days, when we have our next guest trainer)

Listen to the replay HERE… will be hosted until next month’s special guest call:


If for some reason this page isn’t working, you can listen here. This is also the link for a permanent replay;