Staging Houses In Real Estate Investing

Three years ago, houses were selling fast. Anyone could get a mortgage, and interest rates were low. Now interest rates are still low, but it’s hard to get a mortgage. So, you do have to take a little more time to sell your houses.

Now, there are some types of deals that you might want to stage, and some you might not have to. For example, wholesale deals where you sell to other investors, those you probably don’t have to stage as well. Of course, you do want to make them look good so it looks like it won’t need so much work. An experienced rehabber will know what he’s going to have to do, anyway, after walking through the house.

The houses I am talking about are the ones that you are selling to the public, a retail buyer who is going to move in and buy the house. If you have a house that you are putting up for auction, or you have a house that you have an option, doing a retail flip, or if you are a rehabber and you just renovated a house, and you want to make it look good to sell, you might as well make it look the best it can.

Click the video below to know more about staging houses in real estate investing.

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