Subject-To DOES NOT Mean Mortgage Payments and Repairs!

This is what I would do:

One thing I DON’T do is sign a bunch of contracts and buy a bunch of houses sub-to and have all of these mortgage payments that I have to make.  As a matter of fact, I rarely make any mortgage payments on  sub-to’s while I’m waiting to find my tenant because I find my tenant BEFORE I close the deal.

I go into the sub-to deal saying, “Here’s what’s going to happen Mr. Seller, I’m confident that it’s going to work this way, but I’m not going to close until I find my sub-tenant, ready to move into the house.”  Basically, it’s a standard sub-to contract.  We go into the standard sub-to contract contingent upon us finding our buyer or tenant, or subject-to us finding our tenant or finding our buyer.

Watch the video below to know more about Subject- to does not mean mortgage payments and repairs…

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