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Learn how to be, or find bird dogs!!

Join us LIVE on our next Mogul Mastermind call and learn how to be or how to find bird dogs! We’ll cover this live on Tuesday July 17th at 5:00pm Pac, 7:00pm Ctr, and 8:00pm Est times… we’ll talk about becoming a bird dog/house scout and cover finding investors to work for, what to say […]


Can you find houses in foreclosure? (it pays $5k-$25k)

A good friend of mine has a slight problem and needs our help.  He’s got a ton of cash buyers looking to pay some nice bird dog fees to help locate houses in foreclosure in markets all around the country.(but he only wants 10 people in any one area, some areas less) Because of a […]


1EZDeal – We’ve Just RAISED the Split for Bird Dogs!

We’re raising the finders fee for bird dogs, as well as making the 1ezdeal program simpler than ever! No more chinsy $500 for finding deals… for now on you get a REAL split of the deal as a bird dog, and even MORE if you get the contract… Join us LIVE this coming Saturday morning […]


Our First 1EZDeal Training…

Last week we announced our our “1EZDeal Program”…. where we’re partnering with REIO members on local deals… we had an open webinar and call that explained how the program works, some details, how people can make money working with us, and we had dozens of people sign up! You can listen to a recording of […]


The Bionic Bird Dog, Not Your Father’s Bird Dog!

Calling this a “bird dog program” isn’t giving it enough credit! Our new bird dog program motto is “Learn, Serve, and Profit!  We launched yesterday our newest partner program… and are looking for people NATIONWIDE to partner with. If you can “bird dog” or find deals and talk to sellers, you’ll get 25% of the […]