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Use Facebook to Find Motivated Sellers!

Learn how to use Facebook to find motivated seller leads! On Tuesday the 17th at 7:00 pm central, 8:00 pm eastern, and 5:00 pm pacific time we’ll be LIVE teaching “How to Find Motivated Sellers Using Facebook”! With the growing popularity of Facebook, (almost a BILLION users now) and the ability to create profiles, groups […]


The Sky Is Falling! (or is it?)

We create our own economy… In life, as in business, we can’t always control some things. As entrepreneurs, we like to think we can, but sadly, “some” things are truly out of our control.  Having said that, there are other things that we CAN control…and THAT are where we have to put our efforts.  Our […]


And the winner is…

We had a GREAT time this morning on “Saturday Morning LIVE”… we talked real estate, football, business… and had a great time! You can watch the replay by clicking here! I promised to give a free 3 month VIP membership to one of the attendees at the end of the call, but since I couldn’t […]


Your Holiday Gift!

Merry Christmas! As a REIO family member, I’d like to wish you the happiest of holidays, and a wonderful new year!  I pray that you and your family is safe, happy, and healthy. I’ve also created a website packed FULL of FREE real estate training for your holiday gift… from me to you! It’s actually […]


Free Webinar – REO Riches

“Learn to Make Money with the REO Riches Formula!” Jeff Adams has been “giving away the farm” this past week! He’s given away REO blueprints, a custom made real estate deal analysis software, and is NOW hosting a “tell-all” webinar teaching how to successfully invest in REO’s! Jeff is a TRUE real estate millionaire… from […]