Telephone Tips for Real Estate Investors

Phone Skills Real Estate Investing SkillsOur latest TGIF teaches telephone tips and techniques for real estate investors…

Let’s face it, a lot of newer investors (and plenty of old) are afraid to pickup the phone.  Whether it’s to cold call “for rent” ads, return a call to seller lead, or talk to a private lender, some of us get jittery knowing you have to make the call. This leads to procrastination,  nervousness, and of course, lost deals and money.

Our latest TGIF bridges this gap, and helps investors by teaching them tips they can use when phoning. These are specific techniques that are to help create a relationship, take control, and move the deal forward… whatever type of deal, or whoever you’re talking to. (even your spouse, friends, or kids will respond positively… practice on them!)


  • How to use the “if word” (I said IF!)
  • How to use the hold button
  • How to “pet the goldfish”
  • How to create a relationship
  • How to “mirror” the person you are talking to

How to find their “hot button”

And more….

Click here to watch our latest TGIF video and learn real estate investing telephone techniques!

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