TGIF – How to Become a Bird Dog (and more!)

Bird DogThis week’s “TGIF” edition of “Real Estate Investor TV”  is “How to Become a Bird Dog”! 

Click here and watch this week’s training video and learn bird dog techniques, strategies, how to get paid as a bird dog, where to find investors to work for, and much more.  Next week we’ll talk about how to find deals as a bird dog.  We’ll get you up to speed and knocking deals down!

Also, tomorrow morning, Saturday the 23rd we’re having a live chat for our partners working with us in the “1EZdeal” program and will be explaining how to submit deals and how to fill out contracts, as well as answer questions about the program and more.  If you’re a 1ezdeal member (and even if you’re not!) go here and grab the info!

Have a great weekend… make some offers!


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