TGIF – Real Estate Bird Dogs

It’s TGIF! In this weeks segment of “TGIF” at Real Estate Investor TV we continue with our series on “Real Estate Bird Dogs”… our video shows the first of three ways to find deals. These are good for real estate bird dogs, or for ANY type of investing… short sales, wholesale deals… you name it, you can use these techniques and strategies.

As a real estate investor there’s several “main” ways to find deals.

1- By going out and “Driving for Dollars”

2- Using programs and the internet (modern techno stuff)

3-Signs, ads and mailings… the “old fashioned ways”

LAST week we talked about how real estate bird dogs find investors to flip properties to… this week we cover the first way to find deals, and over the next two weeks of “TGIF” we’ll cover the 2nd and the 3rd ways bird dogs find properties.

Watch our latest TGIF “How to Find Deals as a Real Estate Bird Dog” by Clicking Here…




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