The Lazy Way to Do Short Sales

Lazy wayThose of you that know me know I enjoy being LAZY… or should I call it “working smart”?

I am happy to say that thanks to my friend Cody short sales just got a lot easier. You all know I HATE short sales, but not any more… in fact, two years ago at one point we had close to 60 short sale deals going… all at once!  I’ve since TOTALLY stopped doing them… until now.

I call my friend Cody the ‘Clever Investor’. He recently discovered a brand new way to do short sales BACKWARDS. He calls it the… Reverse Short Sale.

Its pure genius. Click here to check it out!

No more painful bank negotiations, no more finding buyers, no more government regulations. In other words… no more pain in the A$$ of normal short sales! That’s why we’re going to start doing them again. (there’s SO many out there!) Even better, you need absolutely no-money and there is absolutely NO competition.

Cody made a video you can watch here. but he said he’s not going to keep it up long.  I guarantee you have never seen anything like this before. Nobody has.

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

P.S. I would tell you more about what it is, but it wouldn’t matter any way. You really just have to see for yourself. It’s that cool.


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