Use Facebook to Find Motivated Sellers!

Facebook to find motivated sellers


Learn how to use Facebook to find motivated seller leads! On Tuesday the 17th at 7:00 pm central, 8:00 pm eastern, and 5:00 pm pacific time we’ll be LIVE teaching “How to Find Motivated Sellers Using Facebook”!

With the growing popularity of Facebook, (almost a BILLION users now) and the ability to create profiles, groups and pages, its opened up a whole world of new real estate investor marketing possibilities… and the best part is it won’t cost you a penny to implement! Anyone can setup a Facebook page, and I’ll teach how, what to say, how to name it, and what to DO to bring leads into your business!

On this “Mogul Mastermind” call we’ll be covering how to use the biggest website on the planet to find more deals… this is one of our two LIVE monthly training and coaching calls… we’ll teach, chat, and then open up the floor for open Q&A and get you help with whatever you need!

If you’re already a Mogul Mastermind member you already know where to find us… and if you’re not, WHY NOT!??  Join now and have a full time investor (ME!) in your corner to help and answer questions, as well as a whole group of others at your beckon call. Do more deals, make more money, and start living more of the investor lifestyle by joining NOW! (you’ll also get immediate access to recordings our last two special guest calls, one on how to find private lenders and another on how to flip land!)

You get SO MUCH for SO LITTLE that it’s “the best deal in real estate”!
I’ll see you tomorrow! Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie

PS- If you haven’t helped with our push to build a well in Kenya for those who can’t help themselves, please consider it! We have around 2 more weeks to go! (and I really want to shower!)


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