Want to partner with us on deals?

REIO PartnerWe’ve had an ongoing program running where we partner with Real Estate Investor Online members… one caveat, is we only partnered on deals in the Chicago area. Starting tonight we’ll be partnering with people nationwide, so if you want a chance to “earn as you learn”, this is your chance!

You can either contact the seller and find out if they’re who we’re looking for then send us the info and WE’LL follow and get the contract, OR for a bigger “piece of the pie”, instead of bird-dogging/referring the deal to us, you can be more active in the deal and we’ll split the deal on a percentage basis!  We’ll have open Q&A as well as lay it all out tonight… and you can join us either online or by phone by clicking here for the details!

We’re looking for some people who are dedicated, hard working, honest, and ready to make something happen! Is that you?

Your friend and fellow investor,

Nick Cifonie


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