How to Create a YouTube Video to Find Deals…

We recently had a Mogul Mastermind meeting that taught how to use a YouTube video to find motivated sellers. It was very well received, and I felt it would be good to post the aideo as well as my notes on a page of its own… so here it is! Enjoy!


Click Below For The Replay:


And here are my notes. I suggest you copy them to notepad or MS Word or print them and take your own notes as well…then listen to the audio with the notes in front of you.


–         How to create a YouTube video to find deals…

–         Why Video?   Google owns Youtube and ranks videos HIGH on Google.

–         Where put video? YouTube, a Blog, Facebook Page, Social Networks,   Squidoo, Hub Pages, Linked-In, any video posting site.


–         Decide what the video will say…  (you can narrate or not)

–         Who, what, where. Lead them down a path. K.I.S.S. The video should be less than 2 minutes in length.

–         Can be (a) direct, or (b) tell a story

–         Problem, agitate, solve

–          Get copy from a “we buy houses” website! (easiest) Type “sell my house fast” in Google or Bing and look at the top listings


–         Making the video…

–         Start with Powerpoint. (or download Open Office or Google Docs)

–         Create 10-15 slides telling your story

–         Use a nice Template

–         Each slide should have 1-2 points on it

–         The last slide MUST have a “call to action”, like “To sell your house quickly, call now” (or email, send to your website, squeeze page, etc)


–         Turning it into a video…

–         Use either Windows Movie Maker (Windows) or iMovie (Mac) to turn the slides into a movie. (can also use Animoto, Camtasia, and others)

–         Each slide should be 5-10 seconds


–         Adding sound…

–         Add either music or record your voice

–         (Voice) You can download Audacity (free) to record your voice, use Powerpoint (the newer version) or record with any MP4 recorder

–         (music) Music can be added by following the Youtube instructions or with Camtasia, Animoto, Windows Movie Maker or iVideo


–         Upload to Youtube…

–         If you have a website, make sure the link is in your description

–         Consider getting a new Youtube channel

–         Use keywords

–         Can get a URL and forward to Youtube


–         Can outsource most or ALL at (sound, voice, video, etc)


–         Ways to get people TO the video: Craig’s List, Signs, Ads, Biz Cards, Facebook, Linked-In, etc..




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